Study trips

We offer single or multiple day study trips for various audiences. They are tailored to individual requirements of leaders in the early childhood field and represent atives from the worlds of politics and business. Besides theoretical input regarding education policy, you will also gain practical insights in to the routines of our kindergartens in Sydney, Melbourne, Istanbul and Poznan. Depending on your specific needs and focus we will prepare an individual program. In addition to talks with selected, competent partners from various institutions and the exchange with our experts in pedagogy, you will also have the opportunity to visit local projects and networks in the areas of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Through our international activities our facilities abroad function as a hub for a network of innovative early childhood education practice, policies and culture. They build a bridge that enables exchange and enhances our intercultural competencies. In our opinion, economic success and social responsibility belong together. That is why we as an international educational company want to contribute to the exchange of cultures and people.