Pedagogical concepts

Our core competence involves the development, assessment and implementation of early learning concepts. FRÖBEL has over 25 years of experience in applied early childhood education and has become one of the most modern childcare providers when it comes to its pedagogical concepts. The play and inquiry-based FRÖBEL Conceptual Framework is at the heart of our pedagogical philosophy. It emphasizes our three educational pillars bonding, individualization and participation and sets the pedagogical frame for the work at all our early learning centers. On the local level, each center has a certain degree of freedom to adopt additional pedagogical concepts and elements such as Forest pedagogy, Montessori or Reggio, Little Scientists initiative and many more. We are open and welcoming of new and other established ideas and concepts to enrich our pedagogical routines and we know how to implement them properly. Especially internationally, we have gained valuable insights into how to implement an authentic bilingual concept. Bilingual education at FRÖBEL follows an immersive method and is an integral part of all of our centers abroad and many FRÖBEL kindergartens in Germany. We believe in the benefits of early language learning and a multicultural, inclusive learning environment. We offer interested childcare providers our consult ancy services to improve upon their existing concepts or introduce new conceptual elements. All our conceptual modules and materials are available as part of a system of trainings and quality development tools. Our holistic approach ensures good quality in early learning.
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