Our Values

Our values are closely tied to our pedagogical philosophy. We understand that early childhood education is a process that includes the development of social and emotional competencies as well as the formation of motoric, linguistic and cognitive abilities. Education processes of children are complex and holistic processes in which the senses, the body, language, emotions, thoughts and memory play a part.We believe that a holistic view on the child is important for its upbringing and to becoming a self-reliant, self-confident and responsible individual.

In FRÖBEL kindergartens (early learning centers including the ages 0 to 6), pedagogical routines revolve around the needs and interests of the children. Those routines are characterized by various degrees of choice and freedom that allow each child to develop their own personality. They find the time and space for their individual education and development and have the opportunity to build up positive relationships with other children and adults. In all our facilities we implement a play-based and inquiry-based approach. Our FRÖBEL kindergartens abroad adopt our conceptual framework developed in Germany and adapt it to local and/or national frameworks as required.

Early childhood education is an excellent early investment in the development of skills and knowledge of a child. These investments pay off not only on an individual level, but also for the communities involved.

Our high quality kindergartens, our broad experience and innovative early learning concepts make FRÖBEL International a competent partner and consultant in the field of early childhood education.