Our Origin

FRÖBEL e. V., a non-profit organization, was founded in May 1990. What started as a professional training and education initiative in the advent of German Reunification in Berlin now is an internationally operating organization with facilities in four countries. FRÖBEL’s history has been shaped by its drive for innovation, passion for quality development, progressiveness and growth.

FRÖBEL International bundles all international activities of the non-profit FRÖBEL e. V. based in Berlin. Since 2015, we partner with the Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen GmbH, part of the renowned Klett Group based in Stuttgart. Both parent companies share a passion for early childhood education. They equally provide FRÖBEL International with their expertise and international early learning network.

FRÖBEL e. V. was founded in Berlin in 1990. Through its German subsidiaries it runs kindergartens and crèches/nurseries, as well as other early childhood education and consultation facilities. Currently, more than 15,500 children are enrolled in FRÖBEL facilities. With 170 kindergartens and crèches and about 3,500 employees, FRÖBEL is Germany’s largest, private, national non-profit early childhood education provider.

The Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen GmbH is a company of the Klett Group which, among others, includes one of Germany’s largest educational publishing houses. The Klett Group comprises 59 companies operating in 15 countries. For more than a hundred years now, Klett Group and its companies are dedicated to advancing education.

FRÖBEL and its companies carry the name of our eponym Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782 – 1852). He is unanimously seen as the “father of kindergarten”. He was a pioneer of the progressive educational movement, an initiator for reform on an international level and relentless advocate for every child’s right to education and a peaceful family life. FRÖBEL feels committed to protecting children’s rights and consequently puts the child as an individual at the center of its pedagogical philosophy.

Our pedagogical approach goes well beyond the original ideas of Friedrich Fröbel. We incorporate well-established pedagogical concepts such as Montessori and Reggio as well as sound findings from developmental psychology to reflect and promote international best practice and next practice in the early education field.