About us

More than 25 years of experience in the early childhood sector

FRÖBEL stands for excellence in early childhood education and care, pedagogy, best practice and innovation for next practice – Made in Germany. FRÖBEL is looking back on over 25 years of experience in the early childhood sector. In Germany alone, FRÖBEL currently operates 170 facilities with over 15,500 children cared for and educated by 3,500 employees.

All international activities are coordinated by the FRÖBEL International GmbH. Starting in 2009, we are now operating early learning centers directly and through cooperation partners in four different cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Istanbul and Poznan. At the same time, we are expanding our consultancy services due to growing worldwide demand for high quality early education. FRÖBEL International draws from the pedagogical international best practice standards developed in Germany, from the extensive expertise in the sector and many years of experience in international markets.

We are committed to the ideals and tradition of our eponym Friedrich Fröbel. As a progressive educator and innovator, he is the founder of the “kindergarten” and a proponent of children’s rights by putting each child’s individual personality, talents and interests at the center of his pedagogical ideas.